Services for Posdocs
Unidad de Docencia

For details on the duration of your postdoctoral position, your payments, possible travel support, visa processing, or similar matters, please consult with your host researcher.

The following links lead to information on some other services:

  • If you have already registered and your host researcher at ICN has not yet requested a desk for you, you may request one yourself by sending an (informal) email message to no_spam@nucliades.unam.xmcia, with a copy to said researcher.
  • After a desk has been assigned to you, please make sure you always use it in compliance with the corresponding guidelines. In particular, keep in mind that the spaces under the purview of the Teaching Unit (Unidad de Docencia) DO NOT belong to the occupants or their research groups. So, unless you get explicit authorization from us, you are forbidden from lending your desk, reassigning it, adapting the desk/office for a larger number of occupants, or leaving it unused for an extended period of time.
Travel Insurance
  • To cover its postdocs and students during academic travel, UNAM has an insurance policy available from a commercial agency. Besides the fact that it will obviously be useful to be insured in case of a mishap, requesting insurance in sufficient advance is a mandatory requirement for you to be able to receive any type of financial support for your travel from ICN sources (including research grants, or your Department’s budget).
  • To request your insurance, you must do three things, at least 10 working days prior to your trip:
    1. Fill out this form with your info (following these guidelines), print it and sign it;
    2. Pay the corresponding amount (directly at the bank or via an electronic transfer) according to these instructions
    3. Hand in to Lizandra (building E, office 114) both your signed formed and your proof of payment.
  • Once Lizandra has processed your insurance request (with the help of Lourdes Guerrero in ICN’s Administrative Unit), she will send you the corresponding proof of coverage.
Access to the Institute
  • Regular working hours at the Institute are Monday to Friday (excluding holidays—see the University calendar), from 7:00 to 22:00.
  • Within regular hours, your postdoc ID card grants you easy access to the Institute, scanning your bar code at the entrance.
  • With your ID card you can also enter or remain in the Institute outside of the normal working hours (including weekends, holidays and summer and winter breaks), but you will additionally have to sign in and out at the entrance.

We have a wireless network that covers nearly all areas of the Institute. In some of the spaces within the Institute and many other places on campus you can also access the University Wireless Network (Red Inalámbrica Universitaria, RIU), if you have completed the corresponding registration process. Additionally, postdoc offices have ethernet outlets for wired internet connection (you will just need a cable).

Printing and Photocopying

Whenever you need to print or photocopy, you may use your Department’s printer. For instructions, please consult your Department’s secretary. In the library you will find additional photocopiers.

Please be reasonable in your use of the printing and photocopying machines; toner, paper and service for the equipment translate into a high cost for the Institute. If you need to print out hundreds of pages at a time, or extended materials that bear no relation to your academic work, please do so at some external service.


Your postdoc ID card is linked to an internal user account at our Library, which will allow you to withdraw books for fixed periods. Please take proper care of the books you use, and return them early if you no longer need them—other users will be grateful for that.

Any person visiting the Institute may use the Library’s services as an external user. In particular, she/he may consult books and journals on site, but will not be able to withdraw them.

Revalidation of your Stay

At the beginning of each semester, we will ask you (via an email message) to renew your registration (and, while you are at it, to look over your information in our database, to see if any correction or update is needed). The process is very simple, and will only take you a minute.

Nuclear Lunch

You are invited (together with all other postdocs, students, researchers and technicians at ICN) to our traditional Nuclear Lunch. This is a completely informal event that takes place at 2:00 p.m. the first (working) Monday of each month (while classes are in session), on the lawn to the west of building E (next to the Institute’s Irradiation Unit), or in the researchers’ lounge in building F, in case of rain. Each person brings his/her own food. The point is just to get together to hang out and chat for a little while, ideally about our work and related topics. Normally we end around 3:00 p.m., although of course each person is free to come and go at whatever time he/she pleases.