International Shape Dynamics Workshop 2016

International Shape Dynamics Workshop at ICN (UNAM), Nov 21-25, 2016
Registration: Send me a personal email to Tim Koslowski if you wish to participate.

The International Shape Dynamics Workshop 2016 will be held at the Institute of Nuclear Sicience of the UNAM (Mexico City) from November 21 to November 25, 2016. The intent of the workshop was to bring together people interested in conformal methods in classical and quantum gravity and in particular in relational approaches to gravity. The format is set for one hour talks by the invited speakers followed by an extensive topical discussion. The remaining format will consist of contributed talks with apropriate question time. Registration was free, but required because spaces were limited. This workshop is organized by Tim Koslowski (UNAM) and is supported by the Foundations Questions Institute (FQXi).

Please contact Tim Koslowski for further information.


  • Henrique Gomes (Perimeter Institute)
  • Flavio Mercati (Rome University)
  • Sean Gryb (Radboud University)
  • David Sloan (Oxford University)
  • Yuri Bonder (UNAM)
  • Julian Barbour (Oxford University) via Skype
  • Tim Koslowski (UNAM)
  • Steffen Gielen (Perimeter) via Skype
  • Vasudev Shyam (Perimeter) via Skype
  • Pedro Naranjo (Burgos University) via Skype
on shape dynamics: General relativity describes gravitational phenomena as curvature of spactime geometry. However GR possesses, despite its success in describing observed phenomena, two flaws: (1) it predicts its own break-down under generic initial conditions (so-called spacetime singularities) and (2) there is no known quantum theory that produces GR. These two problems are linked to two facts: (1) GR describes gravity as spacetime geometry and (2) GR fails to implement the relational principles that a theory of the entire universe should satisfy. Classical shape dynamics is a completely relational theory of gravity that describes gravitational phenomena as the evolution of spatial conformal geometry, while being almost completely indistinguishable from GR. It has been shown that shape dynamics evolves through spacetime singularities and it formulates new foundations for the search of quantum gravity.
daymorning sessionafternoon session
Monday, Nov. 21(---)(registration)
Tuesday, Nov. 22Tim Koslowski (10h-13h, room B201)Henrique Gomes (15h-18h)
Wednesday, Nov. 23Julian Barbour(10h-12h)Flavio Mercati (15h-18h, room B301)
Thursday, Nov. 24 (excursion) David Sloan (13:30h-16:30h)
Friday, Nov. 25Sean Gryb (10h-13h)Yuri Bonder (15h-18h)
The talks and discussions will take place in the "Salón de seminarios de Física" at the ICN, unless it is indicated otherwise.

Titles of presentations:

Tim Koslowski: "Dinámica de Formas"
Henrique Gomes: (TBA)
Julain Barbour: "Foundations of Shape Dynamics"
Flavio Mercati: "Black-hole singularity in SD"
David Sloan: "Why shape dynamics has attractors, and what we can do with them"
Sean Gryb: "Sleeping with the enemy: the physics of space-time diffeomorphism invariance and the implications for shape dynamics"
Yuri Bonder: "Completely relational description of Weber force"

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(c) Tim Andreas Koslowski, 2016